THE BAG worth investing in!

Handbags are easily my favorite accessory and also the one I’m willing to spend the most of my money on. I always go for the statement there’s never enough shoes and handbags in your closet! My collection of designer bags consists mostly of neutral colours as those are the most useful in terms of stylings and I can basicaly wear them with every single outfit, but.

I always look for versatility and a classic style when debating a new purchase. Well if you’re one of those people who’s not 100% sure if spending that much on a bag or not my suggestion would be to go for a bag that is versitale and reversible. 

I’ve found my perfect match in MaxMara Ljubljana, the large reversible shopper made of lightweight matt nappa leather and pleated raffia effect woven viscose, with rigid double handle and two external pockets. I cannot even decide which side I like better – raffia effect or leather one. What’s your favorite side?

Also, can we take a second and admire this P-E-R-F-E-C-T rain coat? I’m in love! It’s defenitely season appropriate and it’s not only beautiful, it’s also shower and wind proof.

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

You can find my look in Max Mara Ljubljana:,

telephone: 00386/(0)1-426 58 80

*In cooperation with Max Mara Ljubljana, Miklošičeva c. 6.

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