Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the season of joy, love and precious moments spent with your loved ones. The real and the most important meaning of Christmas is in spending time with your friends and family, but it’s also the season to give. I know some people (even my friends) want to cancel the gifting tradition but I find such a great joy in giving presents. I don’t gift my friends and family often, even if I wish I would, so Christmas time is one of those special moments when I can buy them a little something. To make it clear – I never define Christmas by the number of gifts hiding under the Christmas tree, but isn’t it magical when the whole family gathers around the Christmas tree and when you see how happy the person gets when you get him just what he wanted? 🙂 It doesn’t need to be super pricy and it may sound cliche, but it’s the thought that it counts! I’m always the happiest to get the gift that I really wished for and mentioned it few weeks or months ago and even almost forgot about it – it’s a special feeling when you know that that person really listened to you and that’s what it counts!

Well although I’m all in for Christmas shopping, at the same time I’m also one of those persons who do everything last minute, including Christmas shopping. Every year I say to myself that I’ll buy gifts for my loved ones earlier but I always ending up ordering everything online last week and paying extra express delivery that btw sometimes costs more than a gift itself. Or even worst case scenario – you can find me standing in super long waiting lines on 24th of December. However, if you haven’t got Christmas gifts for your loved ones here are my suggestions, everything based on my wishlist or on items that I own and truly love.

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery is always the answer and it’s also a piece that every single woman would be happy to get. Lately I’ve been especially in love with Muamai jewellery, not only because of their unique designs but also because of the quality. There are plenty jewellery brands out there but they mostly offer gold plated necklaces, which get destroyed or wash out quickly, but Muamai is different. They offer 18K gold necklaces – I own one myself (A letter, cupid is still on my wishlist) and it’s a totally different story.

When I want to gift something memorable I always go for a watch.  My favorite brand at the moment is Cluse. Why? Because they offer nice designs and quality for a good price. My all times favorite are La Garconne in gold and La Vedette in rose gold or black.

2. Bag

Maybe it’s just me or is every woman obsessed with shoes and bags? I used to buy bags as socks, literally, but lately I getting more into sustainable fashion mood and I slowed down and decided to invest in quality bags that’ll wear more and for longer. Not long ago I got monogramed Mon Purse bag and it’s safe to say that it’s my absolute favourite bag at the moment. I wear it all the time as it basically fits with every outfit and I’m in love with their story and quality. There’s also one bag on my minds for quite some time now – Dior Saddle Bag, but I guess I’ll have to gift myself this one. But for those who are ready to spend quite a lot of money on gifts – that’s the answer.

3. Coat

Coats are quite the thing and this season it’s all about camel and teddy coats. H&M nailed it with coats this season in my opinion and these two are just the top picks out of my selection.

4. Turtleneck knitwear

Cosy, warm and thoughtful. You can never go wrong with turtleneck knitwear although it’s hard to find a perfect oversized fit. I found it at Frankie and both are on my wishlist, so if you don’t know what to buy – that’s the answer.

Grey one here and orange one here.

5. Interior details

Interior details give the home a soul. Besides that, they don’t go out of style so quickly, they’re well seen and you somehow leave a piece of you in that person’s home. I’m obsessed with everything marble as these stoned salt and pepper bowls, scented candles in general and wall prints. Wall prints are the thing in all rooms of our home (having the hanging on the walls, on the floor, leaned on the furniture, …) I love prints from Desenio and I recently also discovered a young and talented brand Moderalist that makes personalised art prints.

6. Phone case

Something everyone needs. Those phones cost a fortune and you so don’t want to break it. Maison de Sabre phone cases are not just normal ones, you can monograme it, how sweet is that?

7. Skin care products

I’d say it’s quite hard to buy skin care products for someone else, as people don’t like to change them too often, but a good face mask and face cleanser are always welcome. I recently discovered a new brand (new in Slovenia) Erborian – Korean skin therapy and their face masks are heaven. Talking about makeup removers/face cleansers – have you tried one with oily texture, that nourishes your skin before bed time? Frei ol is absolute my favorite before bed time treatment.


8. Shoes

One can never own too many bags and shoes, right? I’ve been in love with Gucci flashtrek boots but as those are out of my budget for now I found a pretty good option at Mango. I might buy those for myself. Is it weird if I buy a gift for myself also?

9. Book

When you don’t know what to gift – go for a book. A fashion one. My suggestion would be Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Teisbaek.

10. Water bottle

I guess everyone already owns a water bottle but I guess no one owns a Smart Water Bottle? Myequa recently launched a very stylish smart water bottle that reminds you when it’s time to take another sip.

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