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It’s been more than 2 weeks since I came back from sunny and summerish Valencia and our quick trip was all about enjoying the sun, taking long walks and catching up over long brunches, on the most amazing brunch spots in the city. One thing I never miss out while travelling is good food – especially when traveling with my sis (or visiting her) 🙂 Since I’m sucker for good brunches I like to discover new brunch places everywhere I go. So let’s steer away from fashion for today and come with me on a brunch tour 🙂

Since Valencia is very popular among tourists (especially Slovenian ones) lately, I hope I’ll help you a little bit with your brunch dilemma.

1: Dulce de Leche Boutique Ruzafa

It’s located in the hipster area of Valencia (Ruzafa) and being there sends out a whole different vibe. The decoration is very original, the space wide and the ambiance is laid back, which is why I suppose that many people hang out there so long. You really feel like at home. They have daily menus, where you get toast, coffee, orange juice, yoghurt & fruits and two croissants. We were lucky enough to came on the day where avocado toast was on daily menu. Cause avocado toast is life 🙂


2: Acai Libre

Acai Bowls are life (and so fashionable too), so this Vegan brunch place is perfect for all of you who love vegan food or good atmosphere. It’s located in the city center, so quich stop for a healthy breakfast beffore shopping day will full you with energy.


3: La Mas Bonita

My absolute favourite place to brunch in Valencia. It’s beach location with jungle garden at the back and to die for brunches makes you »never wanna leave« kind of feeling. My fav choice there are Nachos with Guacamole, Salmon toast and Ginger toast (toast with ginger jam, spinach leaves and goat cheese). For the sweets lovers, the pastry section has a wide selection of delicious cake, that are to die for btw.





4: Federal Caffe Valencia

If you’re all about feeling the vibe of streets of Valencia or go back to the days, that’s the place to go. Enjoying your brunch while seating on the window shelf and watching all the people passing is defenitely the place that’ll show the true vibe of Valencia.




Photo: Alja Bitenc, IG


  1. Anja
    27.11.2016 / 01:08

    Super objava. Jaz bi pa rada izvedela kako urejaš svoje fotografije na blogu in na instagramu? Hvala.

    • Alja
      27.11.2016 / 10:58

      Hvala 🙂 Na blogu jih obdela fotografinja, na Instagramu pa kar uredim v Instagramu ali pa v Snapseedu 🙂

  2. Anja
    28.11.2016 / 00:36

    Kakšne filtre pa uporabljaš in kako jih urediš, kaj spremeniš? 🙂 Hvala!

    • Alja
      28.11.2016 / 15:39

      Ponavadi uredim brightnes, saturation, warmth, lux pa sharpness, je pa seveda odvisno od vsake posamezne fotke 🙂

  3. 18.10.2017 / 13:23

    Many thanks for your recommendations we have tried all of them and were thrilled. This made our Valencia trip a great experience …

    • Alja
      30.10.2017 / 12:08

      Oh I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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