How to find the perfect winter coat?

  1. Look for quality over quantity.

Because you don’t buy coat for one season, but you want it to last. Read every label carefully so you get really the best materials and quality. That’s also why I love Max Mara coats – because they last forever and I get what I pay for.


  1. Be patient.

We all know there are hundreds of coats out there, but find THE ONE and invest in that one.

  1. Have enough room to wear layers underneath.

Because no one wears just a T-shirt or blouse under winter coat. I’d suggest you to rather size it up than size it down. 

4. Make sure there are pockets.

You might not be putting attention to that, but it’s so useful. Cold hands are not something we want to go for when it’s freezing outside 🙂

5. Warmth over trends.

No fashion on earth is going to be worth if you’re cold. Pay attention to the quality, warmth and size.


*This post was created in collaboration with Max Mara Ljubljana.

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

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