Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

Dear Liam!

I can still remember last year – I was super impatient and beyond excited to finally meet you. I don’t want to go into deep details of the pain I was experiencing few hours later, but one thing is for sure – once you give a birth and see your baby for the very first time all the pain is forgotten. It might sound cliche but it’s true.

One year has passed so fast and spending 24 hours with you every day of the past year has been the best period of my life. The past year was all about sleeping in, morning cuddles, late breakfasts, long walks, day trips and playing with you all day long. You are the most energetic and active child I know, never sitting down, not even for a minute, which can be super tyring sometimes (or most of the time) but by now you already know what you want and I believe that the strong will and determination will lead you on the right paths in life later on.

As much as I wish you would stay my little baby just for a little longer I’m also happy and proud of what a beautiful little boy you’ve become. Keep that smile on your face and sparkles in your eyes forever! That’s what’s really important in life. We love you to the moon and back and couldn’t be happier and more proud to be your parents!

Thank you Moja galerija for always capturing the most precious moments and milestones of our little prince! I believe this is the best investment in life, as the memories stay forever.

Photo by Moja galerija!

Iskreno. Čutno. Ljubeče.

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