Happy Birthday Mali zakladi

Last week my all times favorite baby boutique celebrated their 1st Birthday and it was the cutest little party I have ever been too. Also, it gave me so much inspiration for Liam‘s first Birthday party. Well I never doubted into it, as the boutique itself looks like a dream place for all the babies and every time I go there I just want to take everything with me (literally). Me and Liam are super proud and honoured to be part of Mali zakladi family and to work with someone like Petra, the CEO of Mali zakladi. She‘s the most kind girl boss I know, a loving mother of twins and I believe one of the most successful women out there. I am super happy that she came into my life and I am looking forward to celebrate new victories with you.

Also, as I always get so many questions about what are the MUST HAVES for the baby I thought I‘d share with you some of the things I cannot imagine my life with the baby without. Of course I would love to have everything from their store and once you have a baby there are never enough toys, clothes or room decor you own, but some of the things really make your life easier and are worth investing your money in, I promise.


  1. Sleepyhead pod is a multi-functional co-sleeping, lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling pod you can take anywhere and Liam was sleeping in it until he was 6 months. We took it to the seaside with is to prevent the change of sleeping area and to avoid sleepless nights. It worked and this product is definitely my number one must have for babies.
  2. Bugaboo stroller – a good stroller is a must if you don‘t want to complicate your life and after I‘ve got a chance to test few strollers it‘s safe to say that Bugaboo Fox is THE ONE and I wouldn‘t change it for any other stroller on the market. It‘s multifunctional, adapted for all terrains, comfortable, light and fashionable. All I need.
  3. Bumprider – travel stroller that makes our travel adventures easy and fun. And you can even take it with you on the plane as a hand luggage. Read more about it here.
  4. Night light – one of those purchases that I thought we don‘t really need, but it‘s nice to have it as a room decor. Wrong. We need it and use it every night. After bath time we put low light on and while we‘re getting ready for bed our rabbit light is on. Some children are scared of dark and have it on whole night.
  5. Childhome feeding chair – it fits great into our kitchen decor and Liam loves eating in it.
  6. Elodie Details bibs – again one of the things that many parents think it is not worth to pay that much for a bib, but trust me this will be the only bib you‘ll keep using. Why? Because it‘s made out of quick-dry material and you just rinse or wipe it clean after each use and it dries up in minutes, ready to go again. The wide fit covers both shoulders and chest, and the flexible front pocket catches all spills or crumbs, resulting in less floor scrubbing. Also, you’re little one can look great even while making a mess in the kitchen.
  7. Effiki – the first hug-all-the-time for newborns is Liam‘s best buddy and he sleeps with him all the time. I think every child need THE toy.
  8. Playground – a must have if you want to make lunch, do laundry or just want to have your hand free for a second. Unfortunately we‘ve chosen a really colourful one from Skiphop and I was literally suffering every time I looked at it, as it was placed in the middle of our living room, but if I would be choosing again I would defenitely go for this one. It‘s way more beautiful and also more appropriate for the babies, as they need less intensive colour options, even though people think the opposite. Well I was one of them as well, but for the next baby this‘ll be definitely my option.
  9. Babycook – what was the life before the babycook? I know I‘m exaggerating but making lunch with the babycook is way easier. Why I love Beaba? Because it looks good haha.
  10. Toys storage – the way to go if you want your house clean ever again.
  11. Nuna Sena travel bed – since Liam is not sleeping in his Sleepyhead anymore and we still want for him to have a comfortable and cosy sleep also when we travel, we decided for Nuna Sena travel bed. It was actually our latest addition to our travel collection, but the most needed one. Once you travel and get to see all the disgusting hotel baby beds there is simply no other option.
  12. Leaf Grow – the only question here is why they don‘t invent Leaf Grow for grown ups? Although Liam is at that period of time when he doesn‘t stop for a second and he doesn‘t want to seat or rest in his Leaf at the moment I still believe that time is coming. It was a must have for us since the beginning and I love how you can adjust it to baby needs – from newborn to todler.

Photo by Danijela Šola Kušec

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