Healthy eating while pregnant

When I talk about diet during pregnancy I do not refer to restricting calories or trying to lose weight, but simply to eat healthy food high on vitamins and minerals. It is always important to eat a variety of foods throughout the day making certain you get the nutrients both you and your baby need. Why is this important? Because eating healthy will help your baby develop the immune system and give him good eating habits – yes, it’s really important what and how woman eats during her pregnancy, because the baby will take over or depend on her eating habits. Did you know that?

However, even though I’m a huge fan of chocholate, ice cream and all the other sweets, I do try to eat as healthy as possible. Besides healthy food I’ve been drinking a lot of tea (even in summer) and I’ve been sticking to Tummy Tea Tox Daily Kick tea in the morning and Sleep Tight tea at night as they eliminate bloating and activate digestion, which leads to a really good well being. 

What I eat lately?



  • Chicken with honey and avocado
  • Quinoa with vegetables
  • Spinach and potatoes


Many of you have been asking me about the usage of Tummy Tea Tox products during pregnancy and I must say that as long as you don’t have problems with your health – they’re safe, especially the teas. They suggest that you start with morning & night tea for the first 10 days and than you slowly add Happy Enzymes and Slimbiotics, but I’ve skipped them as the both teas are enough for me.

Photo by Luka Perne

In collaboration with Tummy Teatox, based on my own opinion.

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