H&M conscious collection SS18: It’s all about sustainability

Sustainability has been a huge thing in fashion lately and more and more brands are going into this direction. Lots of people have a wrong idea about what sustainable fashion really is all about, but H&M is actually demonstrating how fashionable and modern it can be. Actually H&M even has a goal for all fabrics to come from sustainable sources by 2030 and this is only the begining! Did you know about this one?

NEW H&M conscious collection is all about silky silhouettes meeting rich textures and ornate details. It’s inspired by 19th-century art and reinterpreted into modern prints and that’s also my favourite part of the collection. It’s abstract and exquisite motifs reveal a love for florals.

The dress I’m wearing is from the 2018 H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection and I’m so excited to be able to give you a preview of my favourite look from the collection. All fabrics and materials are sustainable but I love how that doesn’t mean they have sacrificed in style in any way. The pieces are classic, feminine and beautiful – just like this black dress I’m in love with.

The dress I’m wearing (check it our HERE) and the whole collection will be available exclusively online and in stores from April 19th (Thursday), 9AM. It usually sells out within a day so make sure you are ready to shop on that day!

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Shooting location: Zagreb


Everything (the dress, rings, scarf on the bag and shoes) is from new H&M conscious collection. Check out all the pieces HERE.


Floral scarf
Maxi skirt
Pointed toe shoes
Black little dress
Black maxi dress
Green H&M big dress
White long dress
Green dress
Green skirt
White shirt

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