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All the photos checked, all the articled read, shopping plan made! THE DAY is coming! HMxBALMAIN collection is approaching and I am so impatient about it I cannot even tell. I was counting down the days since they dropped the news about the collaboration and I cannot believe tomorrow is the day!

 I have been craving for a particular Balmain blazer before and my first thoughts for this collection were: I hope they will create something similar. And as expected – they did not disappoint. I love each and every piece of the collection; all the items look so luxury, expensive and unique! I would probably buy all of them if I could, but since I cannot afford that much, priorities first :). I made a list of my favorites for you.

Tomorrow will be the first time that I will be eventually standing in the line in front of the shop, before it even opens! I never thought I will ever do that but decision is made and let’s see how it goes :). Who’s gonna be there too? I’ll keep you updated on my Snapchat all the time 😉 Stay tuned!

My TOP 10:

1. Long wool jacket

This one is a “must have” piece of the collection and the one that represents Balmain the most, in my opinion. These big golden buttons are just everything and they make the most basic piece look so special and luxury. It’s the item number one on my list and I just hope to be lucky enough to get it. Fingers crossed 😉


2. T-shirt with a velvet print

What can I say – unique and minimalistic is what describes this one the most. This T-shirt is placed on the second place on my buy to list and even the price is really good. I think those will be sold out in a second, as they are so easy to wear and style with.

image-183. Sparkly earrings

I normally don’t wear that kind of earrings at all, but I think it’s time to get ones. They just seem perfect fit to the black or green velvet dress in a silk bled for a night out. Hmm, should I buy both now :)?

image-174. Sunglasses

Sporty and fashionable at the same time and that’s just how my outfits look like lately. I like to wear comfortable clothes when I am running errands the whole day, which is pretty much every day. I owned a pair of similar ones from Carrera, in a white color though, but I lost them some time ago and I feel like it’s about the time to get new ones.


5. Draped silk skirt

I am not into short skirts, neither into red color. Well, this skirt is everything I don’t like and don’t wear but at the same time it looks so good I would love to have it. I’m pretty sure there are some pieces lying in my closet which would be perfect fit to this skirt 🙂

6. Suit trousers in silk satin

I mean these trousers are eternal piece! They’re probably the most unique and simple piece of the collection you can own. They never go out of style and you can wear them with sneakers on a normal day or with high hills.


7. Beaded velvet jacket

UNIQUE! I think everyone was craving for this one when we saw Kendal Jenner wearing it, even if only for a second.


8. Sequin embroidered dress

I can see myself rocking this New Year’s Eve in this gorgeous dress! What a better catch for special opportunities (like New Year or a Birthday) than this one?


9. Suede waist belt

Latest fashion obsession is a blazer + waist belt. I am pretty much sure this one would look every blazer or a jacket very fashionable.


10. Beanie

I own some black beanies and I love to wear them, but I think it’s the time for a new one :). This one is perfect and just how I like it – black with a very small print on it.


Photos: H&M

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  1. 04.11.2015 / 23:23

    I think this is the best H&M designer collaboration 🙂 Also got the earrings and the trousers on my list 🙂 I hope I’ll get my hands on them tomorrow, it’s also the first time that I’ll be in front of H&M before it opens 😀

    • Alja
      05.11.2015 / 09:56

      Yes, totally agree tot that! Great minds think alike haha 😉 Did you get what you were hoping for? I have to say I was there only an hour before it opened and I was lucky enough to get some pieces 🙂

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