Les Eaux de Chanel

There’s this scent and it stole my heart. 

When I don’t wear the perfume I feel like naked. I’m a huge fan of everything that smells nice – from perfumes to softeners, etc. Not wearing a perfume for the last year when I was pregnant and the first two months of Liam’s life felt like ages, but now I’m back to my favourite beauty products and the timing couldn’t be more perfect than it is – I’m back in the game with new Chanel Venise fragrance, my favourite scent of the collection.

The newest Chanel collection consists of three unisex (yes!) scents, which are inspired by three of Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite cities – Biarritz, Venise and Deauville. This line of fragrances evokes the train we would love to board and the destination whose name, like a magic word, need only be uttered to savor the scent of faraway places on the skin. When Olivier Polge created Venise, he wanted people to smell getaway to the Orient, which at Chanel is also an evocation of the baroque. Oriental smells are my favourite, especially for colder months, so no it’s not a secret that Venise is my absolute favourite scent of the collection. At creating Biarritz he wanted to create a sensation on the skin as if each ingredient were soaked with water. You can tell its smell is fresh. Deauville is more than the actual reality of the destination, he liked the idea urbanites make of it when they dream of a weekend away in the country. He wasn’t striving to capture the Normandy countryside as it stands today, but rather the promise of a stroll through the tall grasses. 

It’s available from October 4th only in Maxi in Ljubljana.

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

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