Max Mara Summer Sales

Summer sale season is here and as much as I don’t really wanna go crazy about it I might have chosen my favourite pieces from Max Mara boutique in Ljubljana the other day. 
 Ooops, sorry not sorry. I have given an interview about what to buy on sales to one of Slovenian magazines and my advice was:

a. Go for the better quality basic designer pieces. You will wear them day and night.

b. Go for the unique and colorful pieces that you want to buy for a long time.

If we look at my choice I could say I went for both options. Timeless white west, that can be worn as a dress as well, super big shopper bag and elegant white skirt are definitely THE basic PIECES I will wear a lot and style them on many different ways. On another note, white lace dress and green plissé dress are the pieces I will wear for very rare occasions though, but I feel like I need them in my life. What would be you advice when shopping on sales?

You can find all the pieces I am wearing up to 50% off in Max Mara Ljubljana.

And a good news for all of you who are eager to see the new autumn collection – first pieces have already arrived to the store! A little hint from me to you – check out their iconic coats, I’m IN LOVE and cannot wait for colder weather, just because of the coats!

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

You can find my look in Max Mara Ljubljana:,

telephone: 00386/(0)1-426 58 80

*In cooperation with Max Mara Ljubljana, Miklošičeva c. 6.

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