My Baby Shower

There is nothing quite like a baby shower to make you feel loved and supported and this is how I felt over last weekend when my sisters, mom, and my best friends threw me the most amazing baby shower I’ve ever seen. Everything was perfect, it was a total surprise as I was not expecting it at all and they left me speechless!

It took place at our home garden and they really turned the place into a blue & white paradise. All the girls were dressed up in all shades of white & nude and everything was matching – from flowers to drinks & cakes! By the way a special thanks here goes to Tortarnica who made an amazing job with preparing all the cupcakes, cake pops and the yummiest and most beautiful cake ever!

As I’m not the biggest fan of games and they know it we did not do a lot of them, except the nice ones as guessing the person from the picture as a baby, bringing back the memories how we told them we’re gonna have a baby, guessing the details of the baby once he’s born, etc. 

This little boy is getting so spoiled from all the girls already and after the shower it truly started to hit me that he will be here sooner rather than later.  However, I do feel prepared and ready for whatever this next adventure brings. Baby boy we’re ready when you are!

Special thanks to all the girls for the most amazing set up ever and to Tortarnica for the most beautiful sweets!

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