New Years resolutions for 2016

I'm trafitionally putting down the New Years resolutions down on the list, before heading out to have some fun on the snow ❄️ I'll reveal all of them on the blog tonight, so stay tuned!

Hi! It’s that time of the year when we all look back, go through our memories and set down the new goals we want to achieve in a year that’s to come. Some people may think it’s cheesy and stupid to write down new years resolutions, but my tradition on 1st of January is to write down all the things I want to achieve and improve in 2016 and do my best to do so during the rest of the year. On the end of the day the first thing to start sticking to it is to write down everything firstly, right?  People who know me know that I am very organized person, who wants to have everything planned in advance, at least for a week (even a coffee with a friend) and maybe that’s why I love to do those kinds of things even more. And don’t get me wrong – I still love all the surprises that life brings me along, but certain things should still be planned.

I have to say that 2015 had been great;
I started with my blog and I had no expectations for it at all, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions in years. I love to talk to each of you and hang out with you on my social media channels and what I wish for 2016 is to do that even more and more often. I also started with the job I love and I have grown personally and mentally so much! I’m actually very satisfied with what 2015 had brought me but I have big plans for 2016 and here are my resolutions:

  1. Set up home office

I have a room in my apartment, which was meant to be a study room, but since I’m finishing my studies I decided to transform it into a home office/a room where I could have my little corner of fashion and blogging. I started working on it in November and it is moving somewhere eventually, but there still need to be some work put into.

  1. Be accurate about posting

On the beginning of blogging I thought it’s much less work with it and that it’ll be no problem for me to post 3 times per week living with my tempo but I realized it’s not that easy after all. It takes a lot time, creativity and hard work but I love it! I’ll have to focus on my priorities first and organize time better than I did in the last 2 months. But I believe that’s not the hardest job to do when you’re really passionate about something and I definitely am about blogging.

  1. Stay in touch

During all these year I’ve met so many great and inspiring people and I know true friends are hard to come by. That’s why I would love to stay in touch with my loved ones and take more time to talk with the ones who live abroad and to hang out with the ones who are near to me.

  1. Do things in time

I normally do all the things in the last seconds – study for an exam, cook or write a post. I realized that only brings me some unnecessary stress, which I really do not need.

  1. Be active on social media

I’m so excited and proud of what has happened with my blog in 2015 and seriously can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. I’m looking forward to creating lots of exciting new content here on the blog as well as on my Instagram and Snapchat. You know that my favorite media to stay in touch with you is Instagram, but I’ll make sure to focus on other social media channels to. My weakest point at the moment is Twitter, but I promise you to become active there too.

For 2016 I wish you to live each day with a big open mind and big open eyes, you never know what can happen to you on a normal gloomy day. I am very curious and excited for what a year that’s to come has to bring me.

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