Night skin care routine

My night skin care routine took me years to perfect. I didn’t realise how important taking care of your skin was until I really hit my mid 20s or even more now when I’m pregnant. You know all the hormones and stuff – it really affects your skin! Well I did wash my face every night before I went to bed though but I definitely wouldn’t take care of the hydration routine. Even now when I feel like I do take a good care of my skin and providing it with products that take care of skin hydration I steel feel like I’m learning so much every day and constantly researching to see how to take care of my skin best. I get a lot of questions about my skin routine and my advice would be – if you’re young, START NOW!


Use water and a cleanser specifically designed for facial cleansing. Believe it or not body washes and all the other products that are not made for facial care are too harsh for your skin and will make your skin dry. I like the ones with foamy texture as this Vichy Purete Thermale as I feel it really washes my face and removes make up or the ones with oily texture as it gives my skin a special glow and a really soft touch.

Remove your makeup completely!

After washing my face with face foam there are normally some mascara stains left and I wouldn’t go to bed without removing those as well. For this step I either use micellar water or lately I’ve been loving a 3 in 1 integral make-up remover for sensitive skin and eyes. I often find it hard to find the make up remover that doesn’t affect my eyes, but this one really is for the most sensitive ones!

Eye Attention!

The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner and more fragile so it starts to show signs of aging sooner than the rest of the face. Between late nights working on the blog or early morning meeting and work, I’ve been now searching for a good eye creams. I haven’t been using it before as I thought it’s not really necessary to do it but I’m so happy I started with it! This one has a really silky cream consistency and I love how bright it leaves the skin around the eyes. Tap the serum gently with your ring finger and let it soak in around the eyes  – don’t rub! You want to be extra gentle with the skin around your eyes.


After you have washed your face and applied your eye cream, seal it in with a hydrating moisturising cream or mask.  Or 2 in 1. In the past I’ve been skipping this step too often but now I’m finally aware of the importance of it. Lately I’ve been using this refreshing cream and mask to enrich my skin with oxygen. It has quite oily textures but it moisturises so well during the night.

Anti aging products!

Everyone knows the importance of an anti-aging cream so it’s really just a matter of finding one that you like. And the matter of time. Most of the people think that when they’re in middle 20s it’s still to early to start using anti-aging products, but it’s just the perfect timing. And don’t just use it at night – it’s a great morning pick me up to give you an instant glow.

Photo by Luka Perne

This post was created in collaboration with Vichy.

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