Perfect nude summer makeup

When summer kicks in I usually go for brighter clothes, lighter textures and stick to the fact wear as less makeup as possible. Or at least make it look like that. Some people go for completely no makeup looks in summer, which is totally fine, but as my skin isn’t perfect or at least isn’t as I’d like it to be or look like on the photos I like to wear a good foundation and play with highlights.

Therefore I was beyond excited when Artdeco cosmetics launched a NEW natural makeup revolution collection in beginning of summer and I’m a true fan and everyday user ever since than. After applying a day cream (see which one I’m using here), I apply an instant skin perfector, that gives me a flawless naturally fresh complexion and adjusts to my skin tone. It’s so cool that it can totally replace your foundation, if your skin isn’t problematic. Otherwise it’s suitable as a primer, due to its balancing effect. Afterwards I like to play with shadows and highlights and this is where they surprised me the most – new multi sticks are the all-rounder for a plain nude look. They can be whether used as eyeshadow, lipstick or blusher. Their creamy texture makes all the difference to my everyday nude makeup look. I use number 20 (light caramel) for highlights and number 50 (almond mousse) for bronzing. No wonder they got a Grazia Beauty Award for the best beauty product! After I finish with my skin I add a touch of lip balm, that enhances the natural lip color with delicate color pigments and mascara and my face looks perfectly fine.

Black eyeliner is my statement look (I’ve been in love with this one for a while) so I use this one too, but it’s totally fine to use just a touch of mascara and you’re ready to go!

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Products I’ve used:

Foundation – Instant skin perfector, get it HERE

Highlights and bronzing – Multi sticks, get them HERE

Lips – Lip Balm, get it HERE

Eyeliner – High Precision, get it HERE

Mascara – Color & Care, get it HERE

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