Pregnancy photoshoot

I want to share with you some photos from the Pregnancy photoshoot Luka and I did some weeks ago in the Studio of Moja Galerija. I was 32 weeks pregnant at the time and as my due date is only 4 days away now, it feels so right to share them with you!

As soon as I got the news that we’re expecting the baby I knew from the very first day on that I want to note as many moment as possible, as pregnancy is by far the most beautiful experience one could ever be part of. This goes not just for mothers, but for fathers as well. It’s one of the most unique and special types of bonding and love that exists. It can be hard sometimes (I was lucky enough to not have problems at all!), but I guess later one when you’ll be checking your memories (pictures) everything will be forgotten. I’ve been following Moja Galerija on Instagram for quite some time so choosing a photographer was never really a question. I wanted something clean and simple and that’s what we’ve got.


Some women (and men) aren’t comfortable posing for a pregnancy shoot. But once you’re working with a talented photographer as Sandra this will go soo smoothly and believe me angles can make a huge difference! I’m used to posing, but for those who are not – she’ll make you feel comfortable, she’ll share with you tips what to do, where to turn and she’ll definitely make you (both) feel relaxed and good in your skin!


I’m always a BIG fan of natural light and gorgeous backdrops. The location you choose to take your photos will make or break the final product, so when you’re searching for the photographer go for your style. I’d like to put these photos on the wall of the baby room so I wanted something really simple, clean and bright, with natural light and Moja Galerija’s Studio is a perfect location for that! When it comes to pregnancy photoshootings I believe you can be more creative when you do it in the studio, but I’m sure shootings in the nature are amazing too!


I believe it’s always good to wear bright colours, as those really put the focus on your belly. I brought with me some really simple clothes as these two knitwears, white jeans, white underwear etc., but you can get all the clothes in the studio as Sandra has a wide range of white dresses and all the other stuff! Before the photoshooting you also get a list of details and suggestions about the clothes, hair, etc., so you’re totally ready once it takes place 🙂


The best timing to do a pregnancy photoshooting is between 31st and 34th week of pregnancy, as you don’t want to be to early and your belly is still super small or you don’t want to be too late. We did it when I was 32 weeks pregnant so my belly looked much smaller than it did now, but as most of the women has a water retention in last few weeks I wouldn’t suggest it to do it at the end. However, you can always consult with the photographer and decide together when it’s the best timing.

Also, she does a very special kind of photoshooting called milk bath photoshooting and we did it too, but I haven’t decided yet if I wanna keep it for myself only or share it on the blog, as they are quite personal.

Photo by Moja Galerija

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