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I didn’t really go deep into pregnancy conversations on the blog just yet, but I did get plenty of questions about it, which is why I decided to open that topic here as well. So hello all the mamas, future mamas and everyone interested in babies and pregnancy cravings 🙂

I’m in my 34th week now and I’ve been feeling great except facing some back problems, as my back has been killing me softly every day. It’s ok if I walk, stand up or lay down, but seating behind the computer or even seating in a coffee shop is not the best position I can have. And imagine how hard that is for me, not being able to enjoy my morning coffee in my favorite coffee shop!

I do take care of my health, although I do and eat everything I used to do before – from eating literally all the food (salads, uncooked meat, etc. included) to biking and doing other sports. However, here are some of the tips I’ve been sticking to and I’d suggest everyone else to do the same.

  1. Drinking a lot of water

Water is such an important part of everyone’s mental and health state and as I work in water bottles industry I always keep one with me so I can always take a sip. Drinking a lot of water flushes our body of toxins as well.

  1. Eating healthy food

I’m kind of forced to eat healthy (not only in my pregnancy but always) as I have a very rare type of diabetes, but I never took it as serious I’m taking it now. A lot of home cooked food (restaurants are not recommended at all, although I do eat out as well), veggies, fruits and whole-grain food, that is low in glycemic index (meaning it doesn’t raise your blood sugar too high).

  1. Taking vitamins and supplements

I think vitamins and supplements are so important once you’re pregnant, as we usually cannot get all of them from food directly. Also, did you know that our body needs 50-10% more nutrients as before, due to the new being? I’ve been taking Novalac prenatal capsulessince 3 months before I was even trying to get pregnant and I’m sticking to them during my whole pregnancy as well. My gynecologist suggested the active folic acid to me to reduce the risk of neural tube damage. It also contains an adequate amount of iron and  DHA which enables proper development of the brain and vision of the baby and that’s the main reason I’ve been taking them all the time. As I’ve been facing with some cramps lately, I’ve been taking magnesium to reduce them as well. You can get Novalac prenatal in every pharmacy and for my international followers: find them also in pharmacies in ViennaBudapest and Zagreb!

  1. Doing a lot of sports

Some people get totally lazy in pregnancy and I’m so happy that I’m not one of them. I’ve been doing sports from day one and it does get harder with the big belly of course, but I believe that doing sports gets you in a better condition for labor and it makes you feel so much better, healthier and full of energy. I’m not a sport maniac but I’ve been taking long walks, hiking (30 min – 1 hour) and doing a lot of Pilates as it helps me to reduce my back pain. I don’t do high intensity trainings as I didn’t do them before either, but a good and a correct Pilates, supervised by a pro, makes you sweat too! I was taking group Pilates classes the first few months, but as I was more and more unable to do all the exercises I decided to take an individual class with Mirjana Ninič (in Kranj). It so much different and way better as she really points out the areas that you need to work on the most and Pilates in combination with weekly massage is one of the best combo for pregnant women with back pain in my opinion.

  1. Taking it slow on sweets and coffee

I do love to have my morning coffee but I was never a real coffee addict so sticking to one or maximum two coffees per day was never too hard. The biggest craving for me are the sweets – I’m such a sweet tooth and literally obsessed with ice-cream lately, so taking it slow on sweets is the hardest part.

Photo by Luka Perne

In collaboration with Novalac prenatal, based on my own opinion!

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