Snow fun


Today you might have been expecting something different, but since there was snowing in Slovenia during the weekend (pretty hard) I’ll save the outfit post for the other day and share with you some fun I had on the snow on Sunday, by the lake close to where I live. This years snow quite surprised me, cause we had green Christmas and New Year and was not planning on any snow this winter. I cannot say I’m a big fan of it during the week, but at the weekends it’s just the opposite. It feels so comfy to stay in your pajamas the whole day, sipping hot chocolate, watch movies on your couch and watch how it’s snowing outside. I love wearing bright or pastel colours when it snows cause I think it goes so great with it (and am on a mission to find some IT pieces on sales tomorrow, in bright colours of course). What are you feelings for the snow haha? Well I hope you’re staying somewhere warm while it’s so cold outside 😉

IMG_7040 IMG_7113IMG_7039 IMG_7112 IMG_7132IMG_7092IMG_7063IMG_7058IMG_7090IMG_7062IMG_7110 IMG_7077IMG_7108IMG_7127IMG_7100IMG_7124IMG_7088IMG_7107IMG_7101IMG_7082IMG_7079IMG_7078IMG_7076IMG_7074IMG_7072IMG_7068IMG_7063Had some great fun on the snow yesterday, but I was not that excited about it today in the morning when I had to leave the house though ❄️

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