Suit season

Spring is finally here and one thing I’m always the most excited about is the change of colour palette. I’m officially done with teddy coats and turtle neck sweater for this season and I’m all about light materials. With every season there are plenty of trends worth trying out but if you’re going to commit to one new look this season – go for light material suit. Possibly in pastel colours. I can publicly proclaim myself for a suit lover, but never owned one made out of high quality materials. Until this MaxMara pastel love at the first sight happened.

The special charm in investing in a suit is that it’s eternal and you can either dress it up or down. Wearing it with heels and satin top will give a whole new meaning to the look I paired with sneakers and turtle neck top. Today I went for a casual option as I was running some errands and it felt more comfortable.

Also, just a quick little change of trousers for skirt makes all the difference. Some may feel too masculine in a suit (not my case of course) and for all of you who do feel that way the plaid satin skirt is the way to go. I kept it in pastel tones today but you can do it your way! Which look is more you?

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

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