Summer challenge: Wear more colours and hydrate your skin!

This year we skipped spring as summer has kicked in right after the cold winter was over. Well I’m not complaining about it at all, but as the temperatures go from very low to extremely high in literally no time, it takes some special treatment for our skin to keep up with it. Would you agree?

When spring kicks in I like to go from skin care products with rich textures to the ones with the light ones, that keep my skin more hydrated. I must confess I wasn’t really a user of L’Occitane’s cosmetics before, but the new Aqua Réotier line left me speechless. I love the textures, I adore the smell and it suits my skin. Also, did I mention it’s more accessible to everyone comparing other L’Occitane products, as the prices vary from 12 to maximum 28,5 euros. The relationship between quality and the price always has a big importance for me when deciding about the skin care products, as you don’t always get the best products for the most money. 

What I love the most about the Aqua Réotier?

  • light water texture
  • fresh smell
  • soft skin after using the products

My favourite products:


It recharges my skin with water and leaves it glowing with moisture and softness all day long. Also, I love the smell of it on my skin, so refreshing!


A foaming gel cleanser enriched with calcium-rich Reotier water eliminates impurities and removes the make up completely, while most of other make up removers don’t. In the meanwhile it leaves my skin comfortable and soft with a fresh and luminous tone.


It recharges skin with water while leaves it glowing with moisture all day long. It has non-oily formula. I like to apply a pea-sized amount at night, before bed time. It gives a sticky effect at first, as we’re talking about the gel, but after some minutes you’ll feel the difference.


This summer I’ve teamed up with L’Occitane, not only because I’m in love with their new Aqua Réotier line, but also because I wanted to challenge myself. Even though I drink quite a lot water and take better care of my skin as most of the people, I know I could do it better at both. If you’ve been a true follower for some time you’d know that I don’t like to dress up in colours that much and you’ve been seeing me wearing a lot of neutrals, but as I need a reminder of my hydration routine, I’ve set up a challenge for this summer – WEARING MORE COLOURS (if possible blue) as I believe this’ll remind me and others that it’s time to take another sip or take a minute to refresh my skin. Who’s with me?

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography


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