What’s in my hospital bag for labor?

There is only 1 day left until my due day, which is on Tuesday, 17th of July and today I’m talking about what I packed in my hospital bag for my baby. I haven’t really read anything about what to pack or what’s suggested to take with me, so I really included the things that I think that are the “must-haves.” I have a separate bag for myself as well, but as it’s full of non-interesting “mama stuff” and since I’m in love with my Elodie Details nursery bag from Mali zakladi I decided to share with your the content of this one!


  1. Diaper bag – I have this one (Elodie Details) from Mali zakladi and I’m in love! In fact, I’ve been even wearing it as my bag some days ago (see it here) – ooops! It’s a little different from all the other diaper bags out there as I wanted a really fashionable piece, since it’s actually the accessory you carry around all the time! It’s a very exclusive one, made out of genuine leather with a completely detachable and machine washable inner bag for easy maintenance (yes, there is another bag in it – see on the picture). It includes a a soft and padded changing mat, pockets designated for diapers, wet tissues, baby bottle, keys, mobile phone, makeup, etc., P.S. – they have it chestnut colour as well here.
  2. Coming home outfit – I’m obsessed with all the knitwear stuff for babies, which is probably why I’ve chosen this cotton and silk knitted set from Zara for my baby when coming home! It was actually quite tough decision on what to choose as I wanted something simple yet special. Something I’ll save for the baby number 2 as well 🙂 Besides the set I have socks, mittens and a hat as well.
  3. Baby blanket – for going home as well! We’re actually in the middle of summer, but this years summer doesn’t really looks like one (more like moody April) so I’m sure he’ll need one. But at the beginning I actually packed it because I’m so in love with it (sorry not sorry!). I’ve chosen this beautiful Jakopina blanket, made out f 100% organic cotton with a heart pattern. It’s super soft and comfortable and since I’m not a fan of very colourful combinations, I’ve got him one in grey colour but I’m sure he’ll soon own another one in white as well 🙂
  4. Baby wipes – You actually get those in the hospital, but since I’ve heard these ones with 99% of water are really good for babies I’ll take them to the hospital already just to try them out.
  5. Diapers – You need those for when going home. For the beginning I’ve choosen Violeta Double Care diapers for newborns that are produced with the premium AIR DRY technology, as well as airflow which prevents skin from redness and irritation. We’ll see if they fit his skin.
  6. Pacifier – I hope he won’t like one, but you know – just in case 🙂 This one with the nice quote (Happiness is born) is his first one.
  7. Swaddles – Because you always need some! I own quite few of those but I guess it’s still not enough. However, I prefer the printed ones and they have a wide selection of those here.
  8. Baby oil – I’ve heard that some babies can have quite dry skin when they’re born so I’ve chosen Frei Ol baby oil that’s made of 5 natural ingredients and can be used for bathing and cleaning as well.

Is there anything else you would add to this list?

Please share your must-have items with everyone in the comments below!

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

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